SSL Certificate but what DNS name to use?

Hi Experts.  After working with a couple of experts yesterday, it was decided that I needed to purchase an SSL CA for my Windows SharePoint server in order to access the files externally and in a secure manner.  Using port forwarding, I send the WSS traffic to the internal WSS server.  The issue I am running into now relates to what DNS name I need to use when I purchase this CA.  As it is now, my server's name is X but I use DynDNS to access the server remotely (  

Thank you for your time.
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Just choose a name that reflects your server. Perhaps

As long as you have a corresponding 'A' record setup that points to your static IP address that should be fine.

samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.  So the CA doesn't have to correspond to the ddns I use to access the server (
Actually, it does.
It has to be the exact name you use to access the server remotely. So, if you are going to access it as "", the certificate should be requested for that name also.

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samiam41Author Commented:
Perfect.  That is the direction I was leaning but as this is my first purchase of a CA and with the mix of the DNS name being tied to the IP through DDNS, I figured it was best to leave it to the experts.  

The best place to get an SSL CA from?  Godaddy?  
Godaddy should be fine. We use Comodo and ssl247, also just fine. The product you get is about the same, it's just the price that differs :)
samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks for the help and clarification.  I will begin researching where to get the CA now that I know what name to use.  Take care.

samiam41Author Commented:
Just checked the pricing for Comodo ($59+) and ssl247 ($49) which means I will probably go with Godaddy ($29) for my entry level SSL.  Thanks again for the help.
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