SSL Exchange 2007 SBS 2008 issues

Hopefully, I ask this correctly... I am running SBS 2008 Prem. Edition with Exchange 2007.  Its name is blserver.bl123.local . It defaulted and installed the remote.bl123.local during the install for rww etc.  I purchased an ssl for  ( is an example, however we own our domain.) Apparently I have accuqired some ssl issues that I am hoping someone can help me resolve.  I need to be able to access the active sync for treo phones, and now I am getting "The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site" on outlook 2007, internally.  What I think needs to hapen is to install the as my exchange cert.. but Ive tried commands I saw on other posts in the exchange shell and I couldnt get anything to work.. This is the first experience with exchange 2007 and it is way diffrent lol.  PLEASE PLEASE help =P lol  
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FIrst make sure that you have bind the certificate sucessfully on the default web site.
Also make sure that you have installe dthe cert on the phones.
The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site" on outlook 2007, internally, the reason why you are getting  this is becuse the internal url's of the virtual directory doesn't match with the cert URL
see the article
zelliotts189Author Commented:
Should the cert not be bound to SBS web Applications? that is where the exchange, exchweb, exchadmin, etc are located.  also owa is there also.
you are talking 2 different erros.

FOR OWA simply right click on the Defult web site adn clisck bind settings and check wether you have bind the cert properly.

For secong isue I have already given the article
How did you get the certificate in to the server? Through IIS manager, through the wizards or through PowerShell?

With Exchange 2007, it is no longer as simple as putting the certificate in to IIS manager and expecting it to work. The certificate is core to the function of Exchange, which the SBS SSL wizard takes care of.
I haven't got an SBS 2008 running at the moment, but i think if you run the SSL wizard you get an option to select an existing certificate and to put the name in. You need to do that. That should ensure that the server is configured correctly to take your certificate name.

zelliotts189Author Commented:
I called microsoft and they corrected the issues for me.  FYI, server 2008 SBS Prem. uses web app virt directory instead of the default website.  the cert has to be bound to that site instead of the default website.

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