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This is kind of a fun one.  I am IT person at a small Business. We have a vpn capable firewall, but the client i need to install  on the remote pc's is to expensive and the only client supported.  So my company has been using the Go To My PC application by Citrix allow people in to Remotely control their PC's.  It actually is a good little product and secure.  But it's expensive. I would like a solutions that are, secure, easy to configure, inexpensive, and allows users access to their work pc's.  I've thought about RDP and setting up a Windows Server as a VPN sever, but I would like hear some other suggestions.  Like I said this is a fun one.
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dphantomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If installed as both server and service on each PC, would that not work?  
Various VNC flavors are free and easy to set up.  I manage my home test lab from work via UltraVNC.  You'll need to configure the remote router to forward packets to your PC.
longshot_tw2Author Commented:
Ultra VNC, would work but It's multiple people with multiple pc's
longshot_tw2Author Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions.  I went with the free version on logmein.  It is a pretty cool program that allows you access from anywhere
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