403 Forbidden Access error in Internet Explorer

One of the users in the office everytime they try to enter an IP address to access a printer in explorer gets the following error, can anyone tell me how to fix this problem please?

403: Forbidden. Access has been denied to the web page you requested. Please check the website address and retry the request.
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simonrepro--I suspect your last post crossed mine.  The PC with the problem may not have Admin rights, etc.
Are they using http://ipaddress? Can others get to it fine?
Simonrepro--A 403 Error often means the Web site or internal address you requested requires special access permission (for example a password).   This could also mean that Administrative rights are required.
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
everyone else in the office can do it from there pc's though
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
The user is an administrator on the local computer
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