Custom Class for 'Dashed Line' in AS3

Hi all, I am trying to create a custom class for Dashed Line.
I have the attached code in .as file and thr following code in .fla file :

import diagrammingtool.utils.DashedLine;
import flash.geom.Point;
var spt:Point = new Point(200,50);
var ept:Point = new Point(400,100);
var dl:DashedLine = new DashedLine(spt,ept,4,2);

There are no errors but the theres no dashed line appearing either. Can any one point me to the mistake I am making ? Thanks.
package diagrammingtool.utils{
       import flash.geom.Point;
	   import flash.display.Graphics;
	   import flash.display.Sprite;
	   import flash.display.Shape;
        // START CLASS
        public class DashedLine extends Sprite{            
                // CONSTRUCTOR              
               private var startPoint:Point = new Point();
			   private var endPoint:Point = new Point();
               public function DashedLine(sPoint:Point, ePoint:Point, len:Number, gap:Number) {
				   var child:Shape = new Shape();
				   var seglen:Number = len + gap ;
				   var deltax = sPoint.x-ePoint.x; 
				   var deltay = sPoint.y-ePoint.y; 
				   var dist:Number = Math.sqrt(deltax*deltax+deltay*deltay);
				   var noOfSegs:Number =  Math.floor(Math.abs(dist/seglen));
				   var angle:Number = Math.atan2(deltay,deltax);
				   var cx:Number = sPoint.x;
				   var cy:Number = sPoint.y;
				   // add these to cx, cy to get next seg start
				   deltax = Math.cos(angle)*seglen;
				   deltay = Math.sin(angle)*seglen;
				   // loop through each seg
				   for (var n:Number = 0; n < noOfSegs; n++) {,cy);*len,cy+Math.sin(angle)*len);
						cx += deltax;
						cy += deltay;
				   // handle last segment as it is likely to be partial,cy);
				   var delta:Number = Math.sqrt((ePoint.x-cx)*(ePoint.x-cx)+(ePoint.y-cy)*(ePoint.y-cy));
					   // segment ends in the gap, so draw a full dash*len,cy+Math.sin(angle)*len);
				   } else if(delta>0) {
					   // segment is shorter than dash so only draw what is needed*delta,cy+Math.sin(angle)*delta);
				   // move the pen to the end position,ePoint.y);
        // END CLASS

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Antonio EstradaTech Leader / Senior Web DeveloperCommented:
Here's an old AS2 class I ported to AS3 also a while back. It works fine, so you might as well check it out:


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whatisittellmeAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I tried using the one you sent with the following code on the .fla file. I might be doing something wrong, the dashed line doesnt show up :(

var dl = new DashedLine(000000,4,90,200,300,400,500,10,5);

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whatisittellmeAuthor Commented:
oops, my works. the had given the coordinates that were way off the stage. figured out. thanks !
Antonio EstradaTech Leader / Senior Web DeveloperCommented:
Glad to help!

whatisittellmeAuthor Commented:
Hi 'Vulturous'. Could you take a look at this question:

I have a similar problem but in this case I want to implement so that it can be overlayed on google map/microsoft live maps using UMap(it is an Advanced Flash Component available for free download). I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks !
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