LDAP/Active Directory Single Sign-On for Oracle

Sorry to post an almost-duplicate question, but since I already marked my last question as answered...

I wan't to implement a single sign-on solution where users will automatically be logged in to Oracle using their Windows login without the user having to type their username/pw again.  I have implemented this and it was quite easy to do if both client and DB server are Windows XP machines.  Now, though, I need a solution that will work if the DB server is on a UNIX box.  Through my research online I have found that I may need to use LDAP for this, but from what I understand, that will only allow users to manually login using their Windows credentials whereas I am hoping to find a solution where they do not need to re-type their password to connect to Oracle if they have logged into windows.  Is there a way to have users connect to Oracle using their Windows account WITHOUT REQUIRING A PASSWORD when the database server is on a UNIX machine?  (I want to be able to just say connect /@dbname like I can with my Windows solution.  Will LDAP let me do this?)
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No, you may need to install OID.
everkleerAuthor Commented:
I'm not too familiar with anything here and will need to do a lot more research to be able to set up these thing, but are you saying that once OID is installed on the UNIX server I should be able to set it up so that a client connecting from a Windows domain account will be able to do so without specifying a password?
Once you install OID, then using LDAP you import the users from Active Directory.
everkleerAuthor Commented:
Right that's what I thought.  But as I say, unless I'm missing something it looks like this will only allow clients to login using the same usernames/pws that they can use to log into Windows; it doesn't look to me like the clients will be able to connect to Oracle without supplying a password.  So my question is am I missing something?
everkleerAuthor Commented:
Solved this with help from Oracle Metalink. using Kerberos authentication.  (For anyone interested, see Metalink Docs: 331252.1 & 368321.1)

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