Can't Create New Mailbox Database for Exhange 2007

We have installed an Exchange 2007 server on a Server 2008 x64 VM as part of a migration from Exchange 2003.  The domain was prepared and all schema updates completed successfully.  The default installation was used with the Hub Transport, Client Access and Mailbox roles all successfully installed with no errors reported.  When we started the Managemen Console we noticed a problem and have not been able to find a resolution.

The public folders database was created under Second Storage Group and mounted successfully.  The Mailbox Database was never created but there was no error indicating it failed.  It showed up under the First Storage group when viewed from the Manageme Console but it was not actually created.  When I browse to the default location (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exhange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group) the EDB file is not there.  The files contained there are:

We have created a new Storage Group on our storage array and attempted to create a new mailbox database there but get a very similar result.  The wizard completes the first part successfully(or so it says) but it fails when trying to mount the database.  Inspecting the defined location shows that similar .jrs, .chk and .log files are created but an *.edb file is never created.

The Public Folders database appears to be functioning correctly and is replicating with our Exchange 2003 server.  This database can be unmounted/mounted without error.

We have tried running the setup repair but it indicates that all roles are running and exits.  

The event logs show the same error as people reporting licensing issues but the problems appears to be different.  The edb files are simply not being created.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would suggest checking to make sure the system attendant is running, then clean your mailboxes using the powershell for exchange,

any event id's being logged in the application logs?
gpkruegerAuthor Commented:
Event 9546, MSExchangeIS

Failed to create the Event Registration Mailbox for Database First Storage Group\Mailbox Database. Error - 0xbf69.

This is a consistent error whenever we try to create a new mailbox database

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gpkruegerAuthor Commented:
The system attendant service is running and we have restarted it but the results are the same.  We are getting the error message that it cannot connect to the system attendant mailbox but that would make sense because there are NO mailbox databases on the Exchange 2007 server.  The only working database is the Public Folders database.
If I had brought up the server and noticed no mailbox database, the server wouldn't have lived for much longer. It is a bad installation. I would have removed Exchange 2007 completely, rebooted the machine and tried again with a fresh installation.

I would encourage you to do that before you go any further, because if the mailbox database wasn't created who is to know what else went wrong.
If the problem continues, remove Exchange completely, drop the machine in to a workgroup and wipe it.

I work on the simple basis that a new installation of Exchange should work immediately out of the box - if it does not then it needs to be done again.


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gpkruegerAuthor Commented:
OK.  If I try to take the server down I'm sure it will complain that the Public Folders database still holds replicas.  Is there a simple solution to remove this database so that Exchange 2007 can be uninstalled?  I'm concerned that we will have to move replicas from the 2007 server to the 2003 which I'm not sure is supported.
Moving the replicas back is not a problem. It isn't a one time thing.

gpkruegerAuthor Commented:
Failure was in the installation.  The database never got created (or successfully mounted).  Installed a parallel server (successfully) and moved the replicas from the failed install to the new install.  All is working now.
I also encountered this behaviour of the EDB file not being created when running new-mailboxdatastore.

The solution for me was I had moved the folder Microsoft Exchange System Objects from the root folder in AD. Moving back to the root folder fixed my problem.

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