How to Clone a Hard Drive

What is the best way to Clone a hard drive when upgrading to a bigger one?
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arixsinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personal prefer the Acronis TrueImage Home. That is still a question with a lot of room for personal opinions. Check out:
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from experience  DONT use Norton ghost 2003 or any other version.
the 2003 version will stuff your machine in to a norton ghost hanging cycle as it does'nt support sata drives
the latest version 'appears' to work but when you swap the drives over there are lots of broken things like validation keys, registeratino of software... nightmare I had.
from the reasearch I've done I would use Acronis TrueImage
There is nothing wrong You asked the question again in EE forum.  You/We might get new updates from other experts, we might come to know latest software to do the task... might come to know the experiences of other users as chilternPC told etc...

So you can continue the question and look for more expert comments...
I agree, this did not need to be closed like this.
no I don'r object......well can you blame him?  2.5/4 suggestions was to go 'to other posts' !  we  should distill what we know  into a reply and not simply 'redirect......'
apochimongitusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I regularly use drive image xml. It is developed by run time software. If you have a live windows cd (like Ulitmate Boot CD 4 Windows - Drive Image XML is installed by default on it) REF: , it is much easier to use if the drive is 'offline'. Make sure you create the partition on the new hard drive first and set it as active. then you can copy the partition to the new larger drive...

The real troubles you get are when you try to 'reduce' the size of your hdd partitions - ugh! that is painful!.

@ chilternPC
I didn't mean to redirect the user. Just for a knowledge base I posted him the links to review the past discussions..also I didn't object. Just I gave a tip for him to wait for new answers..

Also from the question it seems the user is new to the topic - cloning drives..  also he is new to EE forum.

So its nothing wrong for him to get awareness of the list of Cloning softwares.


See the links. If u are already aware just ignore the links.

Personally I use R-Drive Image to clone drives. As arixsin said, this question will bring a lot of personal opinions.
the majority of the post is about moving it problem and giving redirection/.
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