downgrade Notes NSF file from 7.x to 6.x

Is there a utility that will downgrade my 7.0.2 NSF file back to a 6.5 file?
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akhafafConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there Guys,,,
The reason why it is impossible to degrade it back to 6.5 is that as long as the Lotus Notes Domino version is 7.x there is something called the "Master Template" ( for the mailboxes and the database) and this master template differs from LND version to version e.g.
for LND6 the Master Template is Mail6.ntf
for LND7 the Master Template is Mail7.ntf
for LND8 the Master Template is Mail8.ntf
In order to check your  " Master Template " Go to Lotus Notes Administrator====> " Files" Tab====>in the "Show me" filed click "Template only"===> in Filename column look for the Mail7.ntf( It is the master template in the Lotus Notes Domino version 7) and thats why you can never degrade it .

Suggestions for fix the database problem you mentioned above :
On the server side ::::::
1- look for an appropriate fix for LND7.02
2- I believe that LND7.0.4 is an enchanched version and fixed all the problems in the LND7.x version So, if you have a valid licens you can get it from IBM for free.

On the troubling database  side ::::::
1- Open the troubling database
2-File===>database===>Refresh Design
3-File===>database===>Replace Design ( select mail7.ntf)
4- rebuild views (Ctrl+Shift+F9)

If this doesnt fix the problem do the following :
1- Close the troubling database
2-on the Server Console
3-Run the following command : Load fixup -f mail\(put over here the name of the troubling database).
4- Run the following command : Load updall -r mail\(put over here the name of the troubling database).
5-Run the following command : Load compact  -i -c  mail\(put over here the name of the troubling database).

Good Luck

Stop using lotus, migrate to exchange/sharepoint. :)
What is the version of the Lotus Notes Domino used on the server ???
If the the LND version is 7.0.2 you can not degrade it to 6.5
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I just forgot to ask you why would you like to degrade it ???

DocFotiAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  We're having some trouble with some data notes since it went to 7, and so wanted to see if the problem is reproduced when rolling back to 6.5.  
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Version 6 & 7 have the same ODS version

Maybe you just need to replace the template back to the 6 template?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
You can easily run a 6 template on a 7 server using a mail6.ntf template. Those "master templates" are just out of the box items from IBM. You don't even have to use them if you don't want to and can customize your own.

Also, it was never really specified if we're talking about a mail database or some other application (discussion, document library, teamroom, etc)
Hi there DocFoti,,,

I would like just to clerfy some points:
1- When I mentioned that " Master Template"  I just was trying to answer your original question of "
>>>>is there a utility that will downgrade my 7.0.2 NSF file back to a 6.5 file? <<<<,, So what I understood is that you have a database (or a mailbox) with template 7.0.2 and you were trying to find a way to get it back to 6.5. Meanwhile, I didnt deny that you can run template 6 on a 7server and I am running 6.5 template on an 8.5 server in addition to several customized templates.

2- What I understood from your response >>>We're having some trouble with some data notes since it went to 7<<<  and the above one >>>7.0.2 NSF <<< is that these data reside on a LN database or a Mailbox because already the template was mentioned >>>7.0.2 NSF <<<

Please let me if I really understood the case right .

Best Regards

DocFotiAuthor Commented:
The database is a pretty large application (lots of forms), and I appreciate the help on the mail dbs, but it's not an email issue.

Do you mean it is a large application with a customized template?????

If so could you just contact the person/company  who design it for you and ask him for assistance ???

While planning for the upgrade form LN6.5 to 7.0.2 did you consult the person/company who design it and get the confirmation that it will work???

Good Luck
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