Location of Enums in database

Hi all,

In my Microsoft Dynamics AX application i record activities for staff. Each activity has an activity type which is an Enum (e.g. 0=Task, 1=Appointment etc.)

I am currently developing a report to upload to the Sql Server 2005 Reports server so the users can jump onto the website and see the report but the problem is that the database records the activity type as a numerical value. (records 1 instead of Appointment)

What i want to know is where do i look to find the "meaning" for the numerical value so i can display 'Appointment' instead of '1'
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For now (AX version 5) the metadata is not kept on the DB.

One option would be to create a static method in X++ to retrieve the label from the enum value.
You should be able to call X++ methods from your report.

static void Job1(Args _args)
    sysDictEnum sysDictEnum;
    int _enumValue = 1;  
    sysDictEnum = new sysDictEnum(enumnum(salesStatus));

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M3mph15Author Commented:
Ah ok. That sucks. How would I call X++ methods from my report?
M3mph15Author Commented:
I didn't get to the complete solution but my original question was where the Enums were stored.
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