Internal and External Access to companyweb

I have recently updated from WSS2.0 > WSS3.0 and have had problems from the start ( now i have managed to fix those problems I can no longer access the companyweb via http://companyweb (internal) or (external), instead companyweb is coming up with "server application unavailable" I believe this is because it is still pointing towards the WSS2.0 version instead of WSS3.0, so my question is, how do i now route http://companyweb and to my new sharepoint address? and is there some way of still access the WSS2.0 sharepoint page so I can transfer some data accross?
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Did you actually remove WSS 2.0? It's an integral part of SBS 2003 and the only way to install WSS 3.0 is side-by-side. Did you follow the steps in the article here: (or equivilent steps)? If not, you're going to need to repair or reinstall the WSS 2.0 install (iirc you can do this with the SBS Install disks, then do a side-by-side install of WSS 3.0 following the steps in the article i link.
Nat WallisTechnical Services ManagerCommented:
I am pretty sure what you want to do is not possible. By doing an inplace install instead of side-by-side you are goign to loose functionality and your data.
This document shows you how to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 side-by-side with Windows SharePoint Services 2.0, so you can use the exciting new features in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 without breaking the integration between Windows SBS and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.
When you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on your server, do not choose Gradual upgrade or In-place upgrade. If you do, several Windows SBS administration tools will fail, and you might lose data on your Windows SharePoint Services sites. You must choose No, do not upgrade at this time, which results in a side-by-side installation.
You must maintain your http://companyweb Web site as a Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 installation. Upgrading the site to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is not supported.

Only thing that might work is a rollback but that will depend


all that being said, is there a specific reason you need to go to http://companyweb if the WSS3 site is working like you would like? If you connected via http://server:PORTNUMBER/ wouldnt that work just as well?

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SWESupportAuthor Commented:
Well i dont want to make it complicated for the users to have to remember addresses with port numbers its easier for them to just type in companyweb.
That restore instructions seems very long winded, do you know any one that has had success with following those instructions? Will def have to be an after hours job.

Any why did Microsoft design WSS3.0 as a non upgradable version of WSS2.0??? that just seems pretty darn stupid to me?

The only other problem i have is that i dont have the SBS2003 cds, it was installed by an external company for us, suggestions on that?
Nat WallisTechnical Services ManagerCommented:
Yes that is true - does make it a bit more difficult with the port numbers.

Unfortunately I do not know of the success rate of the roll-back.

I believe there could be a change in the DNS so that when you type http://companyweb this just goes to the https://servername:Portnumber but unfortunately I am very weak in DNS so am not sure exactly what you will need to do.

MS designed WSS3 really a decent Document Management System. It is so much different and more powerful than WSS2. I believe it is more so a cut-down version of MOSS 2007 than a WSS2 upgrade. I have seen a few questions relating to that exact issue as to why not the upgrade. Most "microsoft" people have suggest that MS didnt need to make WSS3 work on SBS2003 because its an older product and getting it to work with old technology isnt really what they need to do. The side-by-side install works pretty much and they think that is good enough. If you want really WSS3 intergration then they reckon you should get SBS2008!

Unfortunately not a lot of suggestions in relation to the SBS cds.

I assume at the moment WSS3 is working like you want it to.
If you can handle the few limitations caused by the implace install and not having access to some bits and pieces then I wouldnt suggest the rollback. I would just look at the DNS changes that might be necessary (or possible LMHOSTS file). Unfortunately you would need to ask the experts in that area for assistance with that.
SWESupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that whitepaper on removing WSS3 and reinstating WSS2 worked.
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