issues durig MS Reporting Services2005 installation on Windows 7 beta1


Please see attached for details.

Kind regards,

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AJS_DeveloperConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks, The solution worked perfectly.

Dmitriy Ilyinsenior system administratorCommented:
Did you read this
and install ALL required components?
(do not look that this KB article for Vista :))
For me it's help to install Reporting Services on Windows 7 RC1.
AJS_DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you foe reply,

During the installation the was not started and I did not check the World Wide Publishing service .

Should I uninstalll the sql 2005 server and install again with the correct requirements? or can this be fixed after the installation?
Dmitriy IlyinConnect With a Mentor senior system administratorCommented:
i think the right method:
1. unistall
2. recheck requirements
3. install again and check that all warnings are gone
Dmitriy Ilyinsenior system administratorCommented:
AJS_Developer, why did you clode Q? You need mark answer and reward point to it.
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