How do you send a copy of all outgoing emails to a recipient without the sender knowing?

We are using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 2003

We would like to setup something so that when one of our users sends any email it automatically sends a copy of that email to an administrator, without the user knowing.

I've checked the exchange settings and i can only find options for auto forwarding on incoming mails, not outgoing.

Is there any way of doing this?

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ArisglobalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you looking for a particular user ?

If you are using Exchange 2003 . it isnt possible , you have go for third party software like GFI Mail essentials.
WolfAuthor Commented:
That would work but only if we wanted to see all mails from an entire mailbox store, not from one perticular user
if you have exchange enterprise, move this user's mailbox to another store and then implement journaling.
WolfAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help :)
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