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I deleted datas from my laptop last week can I recover it any terms i tried recuva i recovered filed but the files were corrupted. Is there any way to recover those files . Files contains drawings,excle sheets , word documents and pdf's.
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The best option you have is to buy a SATA/IDE to IDE adapter and use pay software like

This requires another PC to work though, but it is reliable as long as the drive itself is not in too bad of shape and is readable.  - Example of adapter needed.  You can find these for around 10 dollars online or at Microcenter stores.

Hope that works for you.  These are the steps I use to recover data from laptops and desktops.

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Do not use the drive until you recover the data, it will continue to write data over your old files, making them corrupted and unusable.  I'll assume your drive is SATA (if not let us know).  Remove the drive from the laptop and install in a pc.  You can use lazyjadmin's recommendation and buy a usb adapter, or you can install the drive directly in a pc (you'll need to enter the bios to make sure it doesn't select the laptop drive as the boot drive).    

Once the drive is installed and accessible, download data recovery software of choice (there are many).  You can use several different programs at the same time.  I prefer getdataback from  Do not restore the files to the original drive, as you should limit write activity on the original drive.
samithsukumarAuthor Commented:
No the user is using the HDD now .
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samithsukumarAuthor Commented:
So you are telling that there is no other way if the user has already use that HDD after Deletion.????!!!
Not necessarily.  Usage should be stopped...remember when you delete a file from the hard drive and empty the recycle bin, the file is only removed from the file system.  The actual data is still there written on the drive...but it is now available to be written over.  So if you continue to use the drive, your chances of recovery become less and less.  
Also, I see your original attempt yielded corrupted need to go back to the source and try again. Use several different recovery programs at the same time.  Try getdataback from  
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