DHCP Issues

I am building a Dell server with two network cards to run SBS2008 and connecting a small business network through a Procurve switch and connecting all workstations and the server to the internet through a 2Wire wired and wirless ADSL Modem Router.

Can I leave the ADSL router as a DHCP server (the way my ISP want me to) issuing a reserved IP address to the server WAN card and also set up the server as DHCP server issuing IP addresses through the LAN card to all workstations on the LAN?

If I cannot have two DHCP servers on the network, what is the best method of connecting and setting up IP addressing on the network?

The server will be handling Exchange and data server functions as well as making use of CompanyWeb on SBS.

I was going to set up the network as:

Work station x 8 -> Procurve switch -> server -> 2Wire ADSL router -> Internet


Alan Cragg
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You can set it up the way you describe, i'd disable DHCP on the router while running SBS Setup, and then once SBS is up and running, set the Windows DHCP server to only listen on the internal connection (it will probably be this way by default). Depending on your IP addressing scheme (is the DHCP given out by the router a "public" ip, or just a private subnet like 192.168 or 10.x.x.x? If it's the latter, i'd ignore the ISP, disable DHCP on the router, use a static IP on the internet network connection and set it up that way. Your diagram of how you intend to set it up looks perfect. you can't have 2 DHCP servers on the same "network", but with 2 network cards you essentially have 2 networks, each of which can have it's own DHCP.
Nat WallisTechnical Services ManagerCommented:
You can not have Dual-NICs on SBS2008 I believe as you could have with SBS2003. Mainly I think as really this was for ISA and this isnt in SBS2008.

Nat WallisTechnical Services ManagerCommented:
Maybe I should clarrify that statement, Microsoft does not support Dual-NIC configuration on SBS2008. I am not 100% sure if you CAN NOT set it up but I believe you will start breaking a few things. I know in my initial SBS2008 training course when this was raised it was noted that you need to disable in BIOS as most server boards have dual-nics.

Check http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/09/16/sbs-2008-supported-networking-topology.aspx
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Dagnammit - sincere apologies - I was answering for SBS 2003 - Standard edition SBS 2008 doesn't support the configuration i've described (the EE filters don't distinguish between SBS 2003 and SBS 2008, and the numbers even look the same when you skim-read. Enough of my excuses....)- you'll need to use a single-card setup, disable DHCP on your Router and use DHCP on the SBS server only. You won't be able to sit your server "between" your network and the internet, and PCs will need to have the router as a default gateway - the SBS setup wizard should sort this for you.
Cheers for pointing out my oversight naughtynat - this isn't the first time i've offered SBS 2003 advice for SBS 2008 problems - again my apologies AlanCragg.

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AlanCraggAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys, that is a great help, have only set up 2003 previously and was going to set up 2008 as the same with two NICs so I am glad I asked!

Cheers again.
AlanCraggAuthor Commented:
Have awarded points equally as between the two of you you answered my question...thank you for the help, very much appreciated
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