run hardware diagnostics on an unbranded server

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I have an unbranded server that keeps crashing, it seems like it is going to a sleep mode and to turn it back on , we have to completely shut it off using power button and turn it back on. Everythign works fine for a while and it does it agian I check event viewer logs but there is abslutely no error messages that I can associate this behavioiur with.

I am planning on running hardware diagnostics, could anyone sugest a good free tool for it.
it's motherboard manufactureres are micro star international ..

Any pointer as to how to address this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the UBCD as suggested by MightySW to test memory and hard disk.

You can try disabling ACPI in the BIOS and see what that does.

And is there any specific time that this machine closes down such as time of the day?

Is there any specific task in which this occurs?

And monitor your CPU temperature.  You could use Speedfan for example.
In control panel > power options > power schemes, is it set to always on?
ashjuvAuthor Commented:
yes, it is set to always on. That's the first thing I checked.
Hi, did you check the BIOS and disable the Advanced Power Management?

Also, for diags, try the ultimate Boot CD:

ashjuvAuthor Commented:
alright I will do the tests and post the results here.
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