Internet speed 4 Mb 12 Mb? Whats the difference - quick answer

I am considering upgrading to 4 Mb to 12 MB, but would like to know what the effect would be, not so much for streaming media and file downloads.  But more for
A) Interaction with sites with heavy reloads (like
B) Skype video and similar

1) In general, what would be the difference between the two speeds?
2) How can I find out if my provider is the bottleneck.

(For 2 the best I can think of is to find out my maximum bandwidth on my PC, find out if it corresponds to the official limit, and then see how close i get with the tasks in question)


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PCSFLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your computer's maximum bandwidth should at least be 100Mb/s. So even 12Mb/s doesn't even come close to maxing out your PC bandwidth.  To be honest, I guess it has to a lot to do with the difference in cost as to whether it is worth it to you.  The speed of sites based on CMS systems like Drupal are more dependent on the host's performance than the client bandwidth. If you plan on sharing the connection with multiple computers or plan on doing a lot of torrent downloads, I would definitely go with the 12Mb/s connection.

4Mb/s is going to be fine for what you mentioned. If the cost difference is significant, you could go with the 4Mb/s and always upgrade to the 12.

Is this a DSL Line? DSL lines are not syncronous in nature. The upload speed is a fractional portion of the download speed. Are you bottle necking on your uploads or downloads.
Your download speeds will increase up to either your maximum download speed or the sites maximum upload speed, which ever is smaller.
12mb is better then 4mb it will allow you to surf heavy sites at good speed and will increase your performance.
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Olav00007Author Commented:
Olav00007Author Commented:
I want to delete this, but the site is not working.

About the Drupal example I am aware that CMS speed is often limited on the server.  My question is more about when there seem to be a lot of data.  (I think for The Drupal example, the page starts to come down early)
Olav00007Author Commented:
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