Why won't emails to outside addresses go through?

I am trying to use the POP3 Connector with Exchange on an SBS 2003 box.  For some reason, mails to outside addresses do not arrive.  I don't get any errors, but they never get there.

Help!  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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NpatangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First get the MX record of any external domian  via nslookup
in COmmand propmt

Type nslookup enter
Set Q=mx Enter
Hotmail.com  you will see the ME and IP
Now on the second prompt type
Telnet IP (wchih you got earlier) 25  now you should see the banner
ehlo Enter
mail from : type youe email address
rcpt to: type the valid hotmail ID Enter (you can do it with yout hotmail Id)
Data Enter (type anything)
press .         and then Enter
You should see the result make sure  you don't use the Back space in the whole commmand
The POP3 connector deals with incoming email.  Outgoing email is handled by your SMTP connector.  Have you checked it's settings?
are you able to send mail with your internal clients.. try sending mails bia telnet to any external domain.
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wukovitsAuthor Commented:
Quetzal:  What should the settings be?

Npatang:  How do I accomplish that?
Do you know whether email is sent directly to your server from outside sources or does it go through a 3rd party for virus and spam processing first?  You can determine this from the MX record for your domain.  If you are, the test above won't be meaningful.

Do you know whether you use a smarthost for sending email?  If so, you may find some of your outgoing SMTP setting under Connectors->Small Business SMTP Connector.  Otherwise you will find the settings under Servers->your-server-name->Protocols->SMTP->Default SMTP Virtual Server.   You find both of these in Exchange System Manager.
Sorry, the last response should have been a little clearer.  The first paragraph pertains to incoming mail only.  Your issue is with outgoing mail, so the second paragraph is most applicable.

If you do use a smarthost for sending email, then sending email from your server is not a valid test.
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
Quetzal:  sorry to be dense, but I'll need more assistance.  Say for example that my email domain is "mydomain.com" and addresses are "user@mydomain.com".  What should the SMTP connector's configuration be?
QuetzalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no problem.

Let's first determine that you do  not use a smarthost for outoging email.  In ESM click Connectors->Small Business STMP Connecter.  On the rh panel, if there is a connector defined, look at its properties; it probably, but not always means that you are using a smarthost.  If nothing there, then go to Servers->your-server-name->Protocols->SMTP.  Verify that only 1 SMTP server is defined.  If not, you will need to do the following for each.  Right-click the SMTP server and choose properties.  On the delivery tab, click Advanced.  Verify that the Smart Host field is empty.

If you have a smarthost, the resolution to your problem will be different that if you do not.  If you do not have a smarthost, then run Npatang's test above.  This is ref to how to spoof a real email message. http://arnab.org/notes/using-telnet-to-send-mail-by-smtp  Since it seems that you are receiving emails, you could spoof an email to yourself if you have an account on another serer.  That way you verify the message actually went out.

Post the results of your efforts after these steps.
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