how to forward distribution group email to a mail-enabled public folder in Exchange 2K7

Is there a way to forward email sent to a distrubtion list to a mail-enabled public folder in Exchange 2K7?

- distribution group named "sme-backup"
- email enabled public folder named "sme"
- 2003 native AD, EX2K7 with SP1

GOALl:  forward all email sent to "sme-backup" to "sme" public folder
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XCHExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well you can also add SME PF in sme-backup DL
How about
1. create a temp user, join the user to the distribution group
2. configure in your AD to automatic forward this user's email to the public folder
Add the mail enabled public folder as a member of the DL and the PF will receive a copy of mail as you request.

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calljdubAuthor Commented:
- Not yet seeing sme (mail-enabled public folder) appear in Global Address List across the organization.  
- SME not yet an option to add as a member of distribution list within AD Users and Computers.

Will be patient and try again later.  Will update with progress.
Try using Transport rule
You could use a Transport rule but you would have to construct this from the command line and it is not very elegant way considering you can acheive this by adding the public folder to the Dist.

From EMS Run

Get-GlobalAddressList | Update-GlobalAddressList

and try again.

In AD while adding member to it as Exchange Recipient and then add it in the Distribution Group.
calljdubAuthor Commented:
This worked.  

Addressed email to SME distribution group (TO:) > right-click to Outlook Properties > Modify Members
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