Bar Graphs: Can chart be further customized in the following way?

Posted on 2009-07-15
Last Modified: 2012-06-22
Hi EE,

This graph is to show a class's performance for the subjects of the 1st year of school.
P - Pass

a) Can I customized the vertical y axis to space the numbers by increments of 5?

b) Is there a way I can move the graph to the left to use the available space in the left,
    so that the bars can be a little wider and easier to read?

c) Is there a way to make the x axis labels be vertical so i save space instead of it
     being slanted to the right?

d) the max. number of bars for a subject is 3 (HP, H, P)
    Is there a way that i can draw an arrow to the bar that the student falls under?

If you feel that any of the above should be made additional posts, would be glad to do so.....  

Please advise, thx, sandra
Question by:mytfein
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Accepted Solution

Jeffrey Coachman earned 500 total points
ID: 24863989
All questions:

But you must be intimately familiar with Manipulating charts in Design view:

a. Set the Minor Grid units to 5 and the major Grid units to 10.
b. In "Edit Mode" click inside the chart once, the border of the chart should Highlight.
Then you can drag the chart left border more to the left.
c. First, the lables are slanted because there is not enough room to display them vertcally.
So first make the font as small as possible, but still readable.
Then in "Edit Mode", adjust the Alignment Options for that Axis, to fit your needs.
d. No need, simply turn on the "Category Name" lable for each Bar.

To go into "Edit Mode":
Open the chart in Design View
Right click on the chart
Select: Chart Object-->Edit
Now you are in edit mode, (Note the different "Chart" Toolbar.)
Now you can manipulate any chart Object by right clicking on it.

It takes some getting used to, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.
(Just remember to watch for the "Chart Toolbar".)
It is easy to leave Edit Mode by clicking outside the chart, and not know it because the chart looks the same.
(always check for the Chart Toolbar)




Author Comment

ID: 24864258
Hi Jeff,
I have to re-read an older post where you walked me thru setting the font...

I have to look at your suggestions with a "clear head"...

have a good evening... and thx for writing back,,,, will write tomm.

tx, sandra

Author Comment

ID: 24870275
Hi Jeff,
Good Morning!

a) I understand most of what your wrote:
Thx for pointing out:
       - right click chart, open chart, edit mode
       - now i understand what you wrote in a related post on bar graphs in June to:
               right click on any chart component to further customize appearance
                      How nice of Microsoft, and great of you to know about this!

b) And so:
      a) changed vertical scale to 10s
      b) changed font of horizontal x axis to smaller size
      c) allow numeric value for bar size to show, modified font appearance
      d) experimented with x axis alignment, and left it slanted

Below is an improved  1st screen shot:

Quest, pls:
1) what are the minor units
    the major units are for the vertical y axis?
2) It seems the the max value for the vertical y axis is set to 120.
    I tried to change it to 250
    the numbers came out scrunched tightly
   Is there a way to control space between gridlines?

3) In edit mode, I clicked on white space in chart,
     and see the chart itself surrrounded by a dotted border
     -BUT -
           i cannot seem to grab the chart and move it to the left????

          if i hover my mouse, the mouse does not chane to a hand or finger
          if i click and drag over the small black box, the chart border changes to dashes
           and another border that surrounds the chart and y axis labels forms around the chart
           and does not let me drag

         ( i did notice, though, that i can drag the y axis label)

i would be glad to upload mdb, if it helps, i just have to create test data first....
thx again for your help, pls advise, tx, sandra

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Author Comment

ID: 24870310
Hi Jeff,
oh, the 2nd screen shot is to show scrren shot of quest 2 - about very tight scale when i change
the max to 250.

(we have about 250 students in the class....)

tx, sandra
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Assisted Solution

by:Jeffrey Coachman
Jeffrey Coachman earned 500 total points
ID: 24872187
Please bear in mind that you have asked multiple questions here.
I addressed them all as a matter of courtesy, but asking more than one question in a post is not allowed here.

Also note that I clearly stated that you have asked a question that "Requires" you to be intimately familiar with manipulating Charts in Access.

1. <what are the minor units     the major units are for the vertical y axis?>
They are what I said they are, ..."Minor Units", so I don't understand your question.
Did you go into Edit mode and view these options?
It is all there.

2. <It seems the the max value for the vertical y axis is set to 120.
    I tried to change it to 250
    the numbers came out scrunched tightly
   Is there a way to control space between gridlines?>
Well not knowing why you did this puts me at a disadvantage.
The chart will automatically set the Max value based on the values in the graph.
You may have 250 students, but never all of them in the same series.
So I don't see the need for changing this.
"If it aint broke, don't fix it"

3. <if i hover my mouse, the mouse does not change to a hand or finger>
When you move the chart, the cursor will remain as the standard Cursor

Screenshots attached.

In conclusion, everything you have asked for is possible; you just have to take the time to play around with all of the options.
That is the way you will learn


Author Comment

ID: 24872792
HI Jeff,
tx for writing,
sorry, i will create a new post,
    and you can reply if you wish with the link of this posting as the answer...

will get back to you with link of new post, tx, s

Author Comment

ID: 24872838

Author Comment

ID: 24872915
i deleted the above new post

i will post each quest individually.... that makes more sense...

Author Comment

ID: 24873154
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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 24873533
Actually that make things more complicated, as I was helping you with each issue in this post.
LVL 74

Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 24873586
I have requested that thoes new quetions be deleted, becuase of the confusion they will cause.

I will continue working with you in this thread.
LVL 74

Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 24879542

The new questions have been deleted to avoid further confusion.

Now, where do we stand on this question?


Author Comment

ID: 24881745
Hi Jeff,
i reviewed your ideas this morning and got the following to work:
- set max scale to 250
- reduce y axis font size, so gridlines don't look scrunched
- clear chart title
- create chart title in the report area instead
- click on chart gray border, dragged northwards, so space bet. gridlines increased a bit

thank you sooooo much for all your help....
i am sad that you deleted the quests, as you earned it - I admire your integrity....

I do have another issue which will post on Monday, as a sep. post.
tx again, have a great weekend, sandra

LVL 74

Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 24882509
<i am sad that you deleted the quests, as you earned it - I admire your integrity....>
My integrity is one of the few things I have in this world...



Author Comment

ID: 24894871
Hi Boag200,

I'd like to add to your list: kindness and generosity (and computer knowledge, too!)

I'm very grateful for your help re: graphs that you shared with me in June and July,

tx, s

Author Comment

ID: 24894876

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