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Hi Experts,

At the moment, we have about 35 BB users in Australia but the BES is in Germany. There seems to be a slight delay (e.g., 10-20 mins) delay between the MS Oulook from the users notebook and their BB mobile devices.

Is it possible from BB 9000 smartphone to configure its 'reconcile now' to trigger say every 5 mins?

Many thanks in advance
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Where are the australian user's mailboxes located? the delay could be due to mapi delays from the mailstore to the BES, which will lead to greater problems on your BES.

What you can try to speed up message delivery is to assign all the Australian users to the same static messaging agent(s) on the BES.

mcse2007Author Commented:
The mailboxes are located in Australia therefore the Australian Exchange server is on different different on static ip address range.
mcse2007Author Commented:
<What you can try to speed up message delivery is to assign all the Australian users to the same static messaging agent(s) on the BES>  How do I achieve this and pls explain it in detail?
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what's the latency between the german BES and the australian mailservers? this is crucial, as anything over 75ms will cause problems for your BES, impacting your german users as well. Ideally <35ms is what you want.

take a look at this link on how to assign the static mailbox agent

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mcse2007Author Commented:
Hey Jonny, here in Australia the latency can between 1 to 10 mins or more.

This is also impacting some BB users in France even though the BES is in Germany.

I will  pass on the above link to my Germany colleague and see if this help us.

My concerns of the above link is the below notation:

Note: If you assign multiple static agents, each one will initiate a new BlackBerryAgent.exe process and a new CalHelper.exe process on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These processes will use hardware resources and may cause performance issues on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
WOW! 1 to 10 MINUTES?!?!? ok you're going to have serious serious problems on your BES. With latency like that you're going to end up with hung MAPI threads, which will slow the entire BES down, eventually crashing the BES!

I would *strongly* recommend a local BES in australia not just to improve the australian user's performance, but also the german and french users!

Yes the static agents will create more load, but at the rate your BES is going it'll probably crash soon enough anyway. Would be interesting to see if your German colleagues restart the BES on a regular basis.
mcse2007Author Commented:
Ohhh Sh*t...really? After applying the static agent, it has improved by 89 percent from 1 min 30 sec to 20 sec, that is, receiving email from sending email from my BB to my BB. But this is a temp solution right?

I just completed the rolled out of BB in the company I work for in Sydneyt, totaling 35 users. The enterprise activation per BB smartphone took about 1 hr for my account but for some users it took 2 days and it still says 95%. Some occassion I have to get my German colleague to recreated some users because the enterprise activation has hanged ! Now the issue is synchronisation of between 1 min to half a day so it looks like this issue is impacting other regions also particularly our European colleauges.

If the issue gets worst then I will have tell them to have a local BES here in Australia.

It's a permanent solution, but in the overall scheme of things should really only be temporary. Because enterprise activation places a high load on the BES, which is already struggling with hung mapi threads it's always going to take a long time.

What will eventually occur is that the BES will crash, and will only resume with a physical restart of the server. This will happen more and more frequently so I would strongly recommend you get a local BES for each region.

Remember, aim for <35ms latency between BES and Mailbox server.
mcse2007Author Commented:
Thanks for the valuable advised.
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