Import records containing commas into PHPMyAdmin without quotation marks

I'm importing records from a tab delimited file into PHPMyAdmin using PHPMyAdmin's "CSV File Import" tool.  However, many of my records contain commas, in which case they're imported with quotation marks.  (I suspect this is why the tool has problems importing the records from a CSV file.)

The data is being mastered in Excel and then saved in an Excel-available format (ie. tab delimited, space delimited, space delimited, etc.)  Seeking a solution for importing these comma-containing records from an Excel-available format into PHPMyAdmin that doesn't automatically insert the quotation marks.  Thanks!
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You can replace commas in excel with "."
BBRRGGAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the feedback, but if I replace the "," s, wouldn't the records show up in my imported DB with "." instead of ","   ??

I'd like to still preserve the ","  in my records.  Just need to execute the import as such.
USE MySQL Query Brouser and command like

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/yourdatafilename.csv' INTO TABLE yourtablename

more abot load:

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BBRRGGAuthor Commented:
Also found some help from Microsoft's Database Publishing Wizard.  Thanks!
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