primavera question


does every primavera question require an oracle  or sql server database install?

all help will do
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FryeMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The P6 product only supports the following backend databases:
SQL Server 2005 sp2
SQL Server 2005 Express with Advanced Series sp2 (standalone only)
These are the "tested" configurations and it is likely that "later" database versions for the same release may work but must be tested.  A listing of tested configurations is attached.

While the meaning of "..does every primavera question..." relative to the database is not clear, the Primavera database requirement depends on the particular Primavera product being used.
Your reference to MS-SQL an Oracle implies you are referring to the Enterprise "scheduling" product, now called Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management though it could be Primavera Contract Management.  Attached is a listing of the original Primavera product names and the rebranding after Oracle's acquisition of Primavera.
In an event, each product has a specific backend database requirement with no options to add an alternate unsupported database backend.
Provide the specific product you are interested in and clarify your question and I am confident I can respond.  I have used Primavera products since 1985 and specialize in both implementation and integrations.

rutgermonsAuthor Commented:
this is the product name:

Primavera P6 Professional Project
Receiving an Error Null message when trying to open a word document in Orcale Primavera Contract management. Attached is a print screen of the error P6-Error.docx
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