User Account Automatically locks out in AD on Windows 2003 server

User Account Automatically locks out in AD on Windows 2003 server. This has happened a couple of times. Is there any diagnostics or Fault finding that can be done ?
Can we ascertain whic Pc Is using that user account to log on etc...
Is there any thing that one can do to stop it and to go the bottome of the problem.

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kumarnirmalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This issue might be cause the activity of conflicker worm on your network , you can identified the machines causing account lock from the failure logs on the security logs.

Apply KB958644 & KB890830 and the restart the computer then run "c:\windows\system32\mrt.exe /F:Y to remove conflicker worm.
Does this happen when logging into different machines?

Also is the account set to  expire at any point?
the account lock out is happening for a particular user or randomly the accounts get locked ?
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adam_kan2000Author Commented:
It is only happening for one user and there is not a lot in the security logs ?
DarrenJLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It does sound a lot like the Conficker worm ( but it could also be something else.

We use a proxy server to protect our users from the web and occasionally this locks certain users out. One user (Web development) uses Safari as one of their web browsers and that tries multiple times to connect to the web through the proxy server, after the 10th attempt it locks the users account and requires a member of IT to unlock it again.

Our Proxy server is connected via LDAP to our AD infrastructure.

adam_kan2000Author Commented:
Is there any diagnostics work that can be done on the AD

You can enable advanced ldownloading the Account Lockout and Management Tools

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