Employee Activity Reports from ISA 2004

We have ISA Server 2004 installed.  Rules are setup to require http proxy users to authenticate.  Are there any open source/free tools out there to report on employee web usage?  We need to see the AD authenticated username, site visited, and would be great if we could see if the access was blocked or not.

The closest thing we have found is Cyfin Reporter, unfortuantly its rather expensive.  Thanks
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Hisham_ElkouhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best tool for that is GFI Webmonitor 4 , easy , powerful and fantastic.
Talking about free softwares , try to generate a report from ISA Monitoring Tab , go to Reports and generate a new Report.
markswelchAuthor Commented:
We've taken a look at the built-in reports for ISA, we're trying to find a more granular report at the user level.  We need to be able to pull a report for a users web usage for a defined period of time.  Thanks for your help.
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