Profile does not load Win2008

hi all,

We have a problem on our Win2008 machine. With a particular profile actualy.
The profile does not load correctly onto the system. He has the problem on 1 server, on the other servers in the domain, he can logon without any problem.

There is nothing suspicious in the Eventlogs.

We removed the server from the domain and joined it again.

What we also did: we made a copy of the profile in AD, with this one was no problem.
So it must be profile related or it is a problem on the server.

does anyone can help to fix this.
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Does he try to logon local or domain?
Does he try to logon via remote desktop or directly at the server?

Check local security policy setting and under User Rights Assignment. Make sure is login name or the group that his login belongs to is part of the following policy:
- Access this computer from network
- Allow login locally
- Allow login through TS

techneitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
He can logon to the server but his profile is not loading,

When he logon, the server does not load his profile but he always create a temp profile instead
eg.: TEMP.DOMAIN.001
Keep in mind that if the server is a domain controller, he needs to logon the server with local or domain administrator account  login locally only. There is no personal user or network account allowed to logon a DC per Microsoft. That may be the reason it creates the temp profile. If you want to solve it, follow this procedure to add user in your local policy to login locally.

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techneitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
No, the server is not a DC
You just notice the problem with one user, I would not think it's the server problem. It's his profile's problem. You can get in properties of his profile and make sure it is not read only. Grant full access to his profile. For testing purpose, you can rename his profile and have him logged on to recreate another profile. You then copy the sub folder from the old to the new one.


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techneitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
The profile has been deleted and recreated, everything works now

thx for the help
Objection. Why didn't you award points for my assistance? I told you to rename the profile (recreate profile) on my previous post, didn't I?

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