RA invitation missing public IP address

I have friends whom i help out. They have XP pro sp3 laptops behind a netgear adslmodem/router with nat and upnp enabled.
When their RA invitation arrives it only contains the local private ip not the public ip. Even when i edit into the ticket the public of the router it still goes down the tubes ! i.e dns cannot be resolved. All the firewalls etc have exclusions so shouldn't be a problem. I can and do logon to their router so addressing shouldn't be a problem.
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DrDave242Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like those folks will need to modify the RA invitation XML file to contain their public addresses rather that private:

oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Master Dr dave , i'm sure your work around will , since it makes sense , i always like solutions that make sense. Just a thought though , i've found an old RA invitation from them when their setup was just the same and the public ip addr was already in ! . What has changed ( cept sp3) between when all their machines would publish public ip addresses and now ???
P.s a piece of string is 27 inches before you ask.
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