Make the user required to enter text in a InputQuery,part2

I have asked this question twice but did not get a good solution.
And I think its because I didn´t tell it right. So this time i do it with
pictures. And I hope someone can help me. And it is possible because
the pictures I have posted comes from another application.

Step1: The user presses the Folder-button on the toolbar to create a Folder-node in the treeview.
Step2: The input-appears. The user must give the node a name, so he-she must put at least 1 character in it.
Step3: Because when he doesn´t a message appears.
Step4: After pressing the OK-button of the message. The input-query is still waiting for input.
           (unless you press the Cancel-button afcourse)
           In other words: its not possible to give the treenode no name.

I have put in the CODE-SECTION the File and Folder procedures.
The only thing that´s wrong with these procedures is in step 4.
When the user press the OK-button of the message the input-query
dissapear too.

I really hope someone can help me this time.

Thank you in advanced.

Peter Kiers

procedure TForm1.FileBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
var aText: string;
  aText := '';
  if (TreeView1.Selected <> nil) and (TreeView1.Selected.ImageIndex = 15) then
     if InputQuery('New Item', 'New Item Name:', aText) then
        if length(trim(aText)) > 0 then  AddItem(aText, 17, TreeView1.Selected)
        else MessageBox(0, 'You must enter an item name.', 'Error', MB_OK + MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
  end else
    ShowMessage('Select a folder in the treeview first.');
procedure TForm1.FolderBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
var aText: string;
  aParent: TTreeNode;
  aParent := nil;
  if TreeView1.Selected <> nil then
    if TreeView1.Selected.ImageIndex = 15 then
      aParent := TreeView1.Selected
      ShowMessage('Select a folder first');
  if InputQuery('New Folder', 'New Folder Name:', aText) then
      if length(trim(aText)) > 0 then  AddItem(aText, 15, aParent)
      else MessageBox(0, 'You must enter a folder name.', 'Error', MB_OK + MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

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Peter KiersOperatorAsked:
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The problem is that ImputQuery doe not have any validation built into it. In order to have a Modal prompt dialog stay up while you are displaying the validation message you will need to create your own Imput dialog and put the validation there. In the case of InputQuery you can only perform validation aftrer it has return from it's modal state and given you a result.

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Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
Ok I understand now. Thanks for the info.

peter Kiers
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