How do I prevent Joomla from displaying article navigation aids?

How do I prevent Joomla from displaying article navigation aids on selected pages within my site?  I am building my first website using Joomla and am having trouble controlling the page display exactly as I would like.

On this page, I want to display only the articles not the extra Joomla Filter and Display aids.  Where do I look for this code?  How do I prevent this information from displaying on these selected pages.  This is a problem throughout this site.

The top navigation menu is displaying the contents of a "Section"  when selected.  I can't figure out where to look for the code that generates these types of pages.  I cannot find any specific parameters that will remove these aids on selected pages.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.  

---Jared Harrison
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By navigation - I think you mean the breadcrumbs - home-programsandservioces-residential along top
I think you will find that there is a breadcrumbs module published in the banner position.

so in - navogate to extenstions/modulemanager find teh breadcrimb module click on it and change where it shows by selectign the menu items you want it to link to

harrisonjfAuthor Commented:
Actually. no.  I do not mean the breadcrumbs.  They are fine and work as expected.  If you examine the attached PDF file you will see the Joomla features that I am trying to remove.  You can also use the supplied link to see one of the problem pages live on the development website.

---Jared Harrison
OK - what you need to to is goto menu manager  - and find an item within a menu  called residential services - which is of menu type articles / category - list layout .

Click on that and on right hand side click params basic and there you can change this.

If there is no menu item linking to this category you need to create one  - perhaps under the section programs and services and if it's on eth second tier (i.e. partens and services is the parent - you can just have the menu limite dto publish the top tier - alternatively you may need to create a hidden menu - i. e a new menu call it haidden (say) publish it but don't put it in a module anywhere adn create this item
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harrisonjfAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your attempt to help me, but your advice is not so much a "Solution" as simply a number of things I could try -- (if I understood the inner workings of Joomla).  

The "Program and Services" menu is a Joola "Section Layout" automatic menu type.  Thus, there is no menu option or parameter for the "Categories" which are automatically displayed using this menu type.

What I am trying to figure-out is exactly where and why the "Title Filter", "Display #" and "Article Title" sort items are being generated for this page and how I can remove them or prevent them from displaying on this specific page.  

Since I am trying to use a "built-in" menu function of Joomla -- it doesn't seem to make sense to create a hidden menu to somehow bypass the built-in Section/Category display functions for this automatic menu.  I would also hate to have to build a menu that then needs to be updated manually every time new articles are added to the associated Categories" are updated via the Article Manager.

If you or others have further thoughts, I would appreciate some additional help on this issue.  Thanks
---Jared Harrison
Without creating a menu item and selecting parameters to use, the only way to change the display (ie override the defaults) is by changing the code that manages the display defaults, which is by creating an html template override. (Both of these methods can solve your  problem - sorry if they just sounded like a trial and error approach, I just thought I'd offer the easiest first that doesn't need coding.)

The "Title Filter", "Display #" and "Article Title" sort items are being generated  through php code when a category view is called. There are defaults set to show these parameters, which can be "turned off" via teh mene system as described above.

It's a little more  of a task to create a  template override - but you can just go to teh code controlling the view and remove or change the code creating eth display - the probelm with this is tha it will affect all categroy views - each "page" in joomla is dynamic - so is not really a page - it's a mixture of content and code controlling display and function..

Here is the documentation for creating an html override:!_core

The file you will need to copy and use to create a override is  in components/com_content/views/category/tmpl/default_items.php

(assuming you are trying to control the categroy list view)

Just adjust this code to suits your needs: - but do this as an override - don't do it in the folder you foun dit in copy it to your temaplte - back up first and read up on the use of overrides first.

I also look forward to other thoughts on this

		<?php if ($this->params->get('filter')) : ?>
			<td align="left" width="60%" nowrap="nowrap">
				<?php echo JText::_($this->params->get('filter_type') . ' Filter').'&nbsp;'; ?>
				<input type="text" name="filter" value="<?php echo $this->escape($this->lists['filter']);?>" class="inputbox" onchange="document.adminForm.submit();" />
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if ($this->params->get('show_pagination_limit')) : ?>
			<td align="right" width="40%" nowrap="nowrap">
				echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'.JText::_('Display Num').'&nbsp;';
				echo $this->pagination->getLimitBox();
		<?php endif; ?>

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harrisonjfAuthor Commented:
This is much more along the lines of what I was thinking would have to be done.  I was assuming that if I could locate the PHP code that generates the items I want to remove, then I could modify or comment-them-out.  Not knowing Joomla, I didn't have much of an idea where to look.  This description and the attached sample code looks like it should work.  Thanks!
harrisonjfAuthor Commented:
j-b-t and others...

I wanted to follow-up on this solution (actually all the recommendations above) -- In the end, I tried both methods suggested to address the problem of unwanted "core" display features on Joomla generated pages within a website.

The "hidden" menu option does indeed work -- but required that I generate and carefully name and link 4 identical sub-menus to cover the four article categories displayed on the top menu (Programs and Services).  Each time a new Category item would be added to the Section, I would need to go in and create, yet another, hidden menu.

The far more elegant solution was the final accepted solution -- to use the HTML "override" approach and simply comment out the problematic code on a copy of the default.php document placed in the appropriate active template directory.  This is by far the best solution.  I hope others can also take advantage of this approach to a challenging problem in using Joomla for more traditional (non-article-related) websites.  The website referenced is
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