OST File Not Fixed With Scanpst.exe Inbox Repair Tool

I am trying to recover an OST file that is about 4GB in size.  When the scanpst.exe program is running, it makes it through 7 of the 8 steps and then throws the following error message:

An error has occurred which caused scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file.

Is there anything I can do to recover this corrupted OST file?
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opnjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would say verify that the items listed here are not true


Otherwise I have not found any good solution other than just rebuild the ost file.
Michael Ian ClaridgeActing Service Delivery ManagerCommented:
Yep, "opnj" is correct, recreating the ost always works and is also a good means of resolving some calender issues.
In addition, try not to get the ost much bigger in size as the reliability and perforance will suffer.


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