Reinstall XP after Vista rollback/reformat

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I have tried to roll back an HP Pavilion s3100n from Vista to XP, by reformatting the HD using an Acer reformat disk.  That seems to work fine.  I used a FAT32 strusture and created a partition large enough for installing XP from an original Windows master disk.  I still get the "Load INT15 driver error at X:int15.sys" message and it hangs up during booting.  How do I install the appropriate drivers (other things needed?) and where do I get them?  
Thanks for your help.
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Why reformat using an Acer reformat disk? When you boot the XP installation CD it automatically comes to a point where you can delete and create partitions, and format them.

Why fat32? With XP you should always use ntfs so you have all the security options of the filesystem and the OS available.

It doesn't look like this PC has XP drivers available, so it isn't advisable to try and getting it to run with XP, you'll probably always have issues.

Check the BIOS, there often is a setting where you can get the HD controller to run in IDE or Compatibility mode, or something similar. Running at that mode will not require any 3rd party drivers, and there is no negative effect on using that mode. If there is no such option in the BIOS, then you will need the driver for the SATA controller for XP. As that isn't available on the HP site, and this PC seems to use an nvidia controller, check the nvidia site for a driver for that controller. You'll have to put the drivers on a floppy and press F6 during installation so the driver is read from the floppy. If you don't have a floppy, you can integrate the driver into the XP CD using nliteos:

Also if you are using an HD larger than 137GB, and your XP CD doesn't include any Service-packs, you must make your installation partition smaller than 137GB. You can also integrate the latest SP using nliteos.

The other drivers you'll have to try to get from the manufacturer of the devices. While you still had Vista installed you should have made a list of all the installed drivers and devices, from there you should then have gone to the respective sites to look for XP drivers, before formatting. If from those searches you can't find XP drivers, then generally you shouldn't try XP, as not all things will work. I suggest you first do a system recovery back to vista, which is usually done fast, and do that.
If you still want to attempt to run XP on this machine, find the NIC driver first after you install XP. Then you could use DriverMax to search for drivers. It may not find all or any. It may be difficult at best to find XP drivers for a system that was designed for Vista. Also you can use SIW to help you detect chipsets and devices you need drivers for.

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