Second (nested) RDP session fails/hangs.

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I was able to use remote desktop to remote control a 2003 Server, then from "inside" that 2003 Server, remote any other box on my network, jumping to anything on my network I wanted XP/2003/2008 - then something changed.  Within the last few months, it fails.  The first session is fine to the 2003 server, then the second (nested) session hangs (shows not responding) - Event Viewer States "Event ID 1002 Application Hang - "Hanging application MSTSC.exe" - others have posted the same issue in some forums, but I don't see any solutions.  I assume it was a Service Pack "Fix" that has broken me.  Anyone else see this?  Solved it yet?
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Hi, I have verifed this as well and looked for a fix.  Found nothing.  

try using remote desktop instead of mstsc.

You can find it under administrative tools, and Remote Desktops. This is using TSMMC rather than MSTSC.  You can establish a true console connection with TSMMC rather than another terminal server session.  

The only thing that I can think of is that the latest round crippled the sessions per connection per user or something.  However, I have gotten it working with Remote Desktops under admin tools.



More test have resulted in the following findings --Only happens with XP clients or 2003 Terminal Servers.  If I remote a Vista box, I can double-hop, and triple hop if I go to another machine (running Vista or 2008 Server).  Interesting, can't seem to find a "legacy" RDP/TS client that works.  Tried re-installing RDP using both WindowsServer2003-KB925876-v2-x86-ENU.exe on the server and WindowsXP-KB925876-x86-ENU.exe on the XP test machines.  Both still have the same issue.  It connects, but times out, perhaps when sending the information "back" to the host?

Well version 6 will work fine with Vista and supposedly (although, like you, I never got it to work) version 5.2 can be reinstalled and it will work as advertised.
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So, right now your 2k3 server's are running 5.2 or 6.0?  Also, same question with XP...

2k3 box, Display properties -> settings -> advanced -> troubleshoot, and set the hardware acceleration to full.  It may be set to the left a bit by default.

And you tried the /console and /admin switches from the 2k3 box?  In particular the /admin switch for the Vista boxes from the 2k3 box.


Thanks for the great tips, but still not working.  The W2003 Server is running 5.2 when I look at properties of the Term Server Manager, but the W2003 server's client (mstsc.exe)  I am then using to try to remote another box is 6.0 (MSTSC.exe)

My XP's client mstsc.exe is 6.0, it is what I use to remote to the W2003 server.

If I run mstsc /admin on the 2K3 server, it complains (not valid usage) - but if I do it from my XP client to the W2K3 server with the /admin switch, all is well., so there is clearly a version mismatch, and I would expect that since we're talking about XP vs. 2003.  Can't successfully connect via /console from my 2003 server to 2008 server (still hangs due to "double hop")

What I have noticed is there are some differences in the MSTSC.exe "about" results.  

W2003 server = 6.0 Build 6000 Control version 6.0.600 then Max encryption strength:128 bits.
XP client = Shell 6.0.6001 Control version 6.0.6001 RDP 6.1 supported

Yeah, hardware acceleration is already on FULL.

Did I mention that if I get on the console of the 2003 server (NOT mstsc.exe / console -- but literally on the console) I can RDP to 2008 box (but alas, that's only a single hop) - so... it's not like the box won't remote a 2008 box, just not the double hop from my XP client.  There must be a version mismatch or Term Server simply gets confused when double-hopping, it is just annoying because it used to work for me & now something changed.  My easiest solution might be to create a 2008 Term Server and close this bug and unsolved?
You said: If I run mstsc /admin on the 2K3 server, it complains (not valid usage)

This is because /admin is for Vista/2008 only and will only work on 6.0 client.  You said that your 2k3 box is running 6.0.

I think that you have run into the same EXACT wall that I ran into now.

Here is the problem in a nutshell: the 6.1 client is not compatible with 2003 server,  but it will work with XP and 2008 and Vista.

Here is a blog entry from msdn:


Check this out:


You're right on, thanks so much for pointing me towards the compatibility option, had no idea that existed.  Thanks again, you're a wizard!

LOL nope, just a Guru.


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