Convert number (type:decimal prec:13 scale:4) to a string in pervasive

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I'm working with pervasive 7.9 and trying to query data into an dataset.
1. With this version of pervasive how do you Convert number (type:decimal prec:13 scale:4) to a string? SELECT SOMECONVERTToSTringFUNTION(column) AS "quantity" FROM Table

2. I'm trying to fill an dataset with table where the above decimal column is throwing an exception "input string was not in a correct format". I'll try to convert to a string if someone comes up with that function or does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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SELECT CONVERT(column, SQL_CHAR) AS "quantity" FROM Table

The solution offered raised from Pervasive documantation, so it should work.
Hmm... Valued as C grade...  I would appreciate to know what was wrong on that solution.

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