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Hello all:
   I need to forward an email address to an additional person.  Some time ago, my client wanted info@<domain>.com email account, but forwarded to the marketing director.  This was accomplished by going into the user's properties (Server 2003 Small Business Server), selecting the Email addresses tab and adding a new address, info@.  This has worked fine, but now, they want to add another person on the list so that info@ forwards to two people.  Do I have to delete the original info@ and recreate as a user with a normal mailbox or is there another/better way to accomplish this?
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Delete the SMTP address from the original user, setting another address as primary SMTP first if necessary, and then create a distribution group with both users in it.  Then add info@domain.tld as that DL's SMTP address.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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Yes - that's how I would do it too.
I agree. I do this often, identical to the way above.

Any accounts like this that can possibly be shared in some way or another, should be created as a distribution list. Not only for the ease of adding other users accounts, but you can much more easily keep track of what email addresses you have created in this fashion as they would appear under the distribution lists. Have you ever forgotten which user you have added an SMTP address to? I have, several times!! :) Adding distribution lists do help.

Just a note though, under the 'Exchange General' tab, make sure to select the 'everyone' tab, otherwise only authenticated users (internal accounts) will be able to send emails to this list.
Exactly as I would do this as well.  Very good comment tmeunier!  However, I would suggest typing our Distribution List instead of DL since some users that post questions may not understand the shorthand lingo we use.  Not telling you your business, just a suggestion.  Great Post!!


That worked like a charm.  Thanks for the quick response.  I had it up and running yesterday!  :)

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