Can't print to network printer from one specific machine on the network.

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After years of working normally, I cannot print to an HP 2605dn color laserjet from one specific machine. I can print normally to the 2605 from all other machines on the network. From the disabled machine, I can ping the printer, I can access its embedded web server, and I can access it with HP's ToolBoxFX.  I can print to other printers from the disabled machine--only the HP will not respond. I cannot print from any application nor can I do a test page.

The affected machine is P4, 3 GHz, 2GB RAM, XP version 2002, Service Pack 3.  I have used both Belkin and D-Link routers with the same result.

I have removed/reinstalled the printer several times, using both the original install cd and the latest drivers from the HP site.

In summary, the printer is obviously working correctly with the network and the other machines on it. From the disabled machine I seem to have full connectivity--ping, ToolBoxFX, etc.--to the printer, but it will not print anything.  Printing is not paused, and printer is set to work online. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Shot in the dark...check which port the printer is linked to.

(Start - Settings - Printers and Faxes - Double Click the 2650n)  In the window, click "Printer" tab then properties.  Click on "Ports".  Verify the IP address of the printer has a check next to it.
It sounds like the driver is corupt. Remove the driver again then in the printers dialog box open file then server properties. Under the Drivers Tab remove the Driver for the Printer. Download the latest driver from the HP site and install again.

Also try creating a standard tcp/ip port with the printers IP address and see if it prints directly.
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Sorry create the port on your XP machine. Then set the printer to that port.


I verified that the port is checked and that it is set to the correct IP. Also,previously,  I read in my research that people have had problems with the HP Standard TCP/IP Port, so I hooked printer up to a vanilla Standard TCP/IP port--didn't make any difference.

Also, I have reinstalled numerous times using both old and new drivers. I always run a full uninstall followed by a full install.
When you uninstalled the printer did you remove the driver from "Server Properties" before reinstalling ?
If that is not the problem try loggin on as a different user and setup the printer. As it may be a rights problem or damaged profile.


Not sure what you mean by "remove" the driver from Server Properties.
Open the Printers and Faxes dialog box. Delete the driver from here.
Then Select the File menu, the select Server Properties from this meun.
This will open the Print Server Properties dialog box.
Then select the Drivers tab.
You will see the driver for the 2605 printer listed here, highlight it and select remove.


Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't familiar with the server properties option in the printers/faxes dialog.

I deleted the driver per your suggestion. Also deleted the HP TCP/IP Port. Also deleted printer install  through Add/Remove programs. Rebooted PC and printer, disabled firewall/antivirus, and did a clean install from the original CD. The "browse" option in the install found the printer and had the correct IP, printer name, etc.  Near the end of the install the printer came to life--doing a recalibration--so it's pretty clear the basic connectivity is OK. However, the test print generated at the end of the installation procedure failed, as did a subsequent print I did from notepad.
If you share the printer form one of the PCs it works from and then from the PC with the printing problems browse to the PC with the shared printer and double click it to install to problem PC and try test print. If this works the problem may be with the printer ports ie hp or standard ip port.


Sorry for the delay. Had some surgery.

This works. Sharing the printer from one of the machines where it works OK does allow me to print from the problem machine, but only to the printer as a share--still can't print direct. Your message says this outcome would suggest a problem with the ip ports on the problem machine. I have repeatedly deleted/recreated ports, trying both the HP version and the standard ip port.

Any suggestions about what else to try, based on this new info? Thanks.
Try and remove the HP port monitor. I think you should be able to remove from add and remove programs, but make sure none of the drivers are using the HP ports change them to Standard IP ports.
Not sure if it will work but worth a try.


Problem turned out to be a setting in the BitDefender firewall settings.  I went to Firewall/Network. At the bottom of the page is a section titled "Adapter / Zones". I double-clicked on the IP address of the printer, which opened a window that allowed me to change the "trust" setting. I changed setting to "Allow" and the printer started working normally.

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