Help with rcw wrapper for activex in visual studio .NET

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I have two levels of question as I am trying to learn how to wrap an unmanaged ActiveX object for use in a WPF/C# application.

1. When you Add Reference to an OCX in a Visual Studio application, VS automatically generates Interop.blah and AxInterop.blah methods which form what they call an RCW to wrap the Active X.  Sometimes it only creates Interop.blah and not AxInterop.blah -- does anyone know what triggers one or the other and how to force it to create both?  My theory is that anything used as a Form Control gets AxInterop.blah but I can't find that documented anywhere.

I ask because I have a third party library ( that doesn't seem to work when wrapped with Interop.blah, but does work when wrapped with AxInterop.blah.  And VS only generates Interop.blah when I add the library.  It does not have any Form Control support, it is a networking library.

How do I know this?  Their sample program works, but mine doesn't.

2.  I think I can adapt the sample app if I can create a fake form control.  Any pointers to the minimum requirements for getting VS to recognize a form control?  Is it as easy as instantiating a simple control and then replacing the guts with my imported library?

Thanks for any help.

C#/VS8/.NET framework 3.5/WPF app
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Turns out Add Reference was the wrong place to start.

Choose Item....   from the Toolbox lets you choose any currently registered OCX and the wrappers appear automatically in References.

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