Running Exe as Standard User Not as Administrator

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i have an executable (an already installed program) in vista that i need to run as standard user when i am logged in as standard user, but every time i run the executable it asks for administrator password.

how can i get rid of that prompt so it would run the executable as standard user or how can i elevate my standard user privileges for this executable, such that the end result would be clicking that file with no password prompt i.e. i dont mind how, i would like to get rid of the prompt?

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Sorry, you cannot.

Only an admin in Vista can install an app. An exe is "live" and any one of them could install something (like an app or virus) on your PC. Vista was designed SPECIFICALY NOT to allow that.

Here is a user comparison: Standard vs Admin

Standard users can run an installed apps, but if vista sees the exe as an install, it will not allow it.

BUT if you have an Admin user account you can uninstall the app and re install it using one of these methods:

Set yourapp.exe to always run as an administrator.
Caution: This will prevent it from being able to Run at Startup.
Right-Click the yourapp.exe shortcut.  Then choose "Properties".  Under the "Compatibility" tab, check "Run this program as an Administrator". (Bottom of box)

-Or -

Disable User Account Control temporarily. - Use the Control Panel and Click "User Accounts and Family Safety".  Click "User Accounts" and select "Turn User Account Control on or off".  Uncheck "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer."  Click "Ok" and reboot.

This may allow you to do what you require while logged in with your Standard User account.

But again, if there are parts of the app (exe) that require admin rights, it will never run without them.



the executable was not an installation file i.e. i updated a program that has been runnign fine without any administrator password prompts, as it does not write to registry, it does not need to change program files folder etc, but for some reason after the update it started to ask for admin pswd.... turning off UAC worked though, does not ask any more, thanks !

Hey! Then why a "B"? ~LOL

Glad you're all set.


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