VOIP phones not passing voice through networks

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I have a network with a point to point. The server side is 10.2 and the client side is 10.3. We have a NEC aspire phone system on the 10.2 side. We have VOIP phones on the 10.3 connecting to the server on 10.2. We are able to get data through the network but not the voice. We have a cisco 1600 running the point to point and a 3640 doing the routing. Can someone explain whats going on?
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What protocol does your system use? And how does the data travel to each network? Is there NAT going on, or bridging? What firewalls do you have on each side? Are all available ports opened and NATed?

I'm sure your problem is to do with one of the above - voip traffic is a bit tricky


We are using H.323.  Data flows from the 10.3 network to a 1600, over the PPP link (10.100) to another 1600 connected to the 10.2 network, where the NEC Aspire is.  We can ping the IP of the Aspire phone system's web interface from the 10.3 network.  There is NAT overload for the public IP, and we have the web interface IP setup for a static NAT IP also.  Phones work fine at this site (10.2 network) but not at the remote site (10.3).  Nothing should be NAT'd between the two sites.  We are unable to get the NEC phones to sync with the NEC aspire system.  

to start, you are going to have issues with the 1600.
what are the subnets for the voice? for the data?
what version of IOS on the 1600?
blah we made a very dumb mistake and changed the ip on the 1600. Well the phone system was looking for that old ip.

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