new bes 4.1 server and new remote sql server - migration

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we currently have bes 4.1 for exchange running on a 2003 server using a remote sql 2000 db. We have 28 users.
we want to move bes to a new server and move the db to a new remote sql 2005 server.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I've read about the "knife edge cutover", RIM bes migration and db migration docs but am still a little confused.

I've set admin permissions and db permissions on new servers. will be using same credentials for services.

I've tried this:
1.backup the current db
2.update the schema on the new db server
3.restore the db to the new db server
4. stop services on current bes server
5. install bes on new server with cals and srp key and point to use db on new remtoe sql server
6. start services on new bes server

BB dispatcher would start then stop.

do I need to do these steps:

1. update the db schema on the new sql server or can I just backup the current db and restore to new server?

2. Make change to db tables as below:

Now that the database has been restored within SQL Manager you need to expand the BESMgmt database and select Tables. In the centre window right mouse click ServerConfig and select Open Table. Now edit the columns below and update them to display the new server name.

-RPCEndPoint (only edit the name after \pipe\BESMonitor )

Now select the Tables folder in the left column again. In the centre window right mouse click MDSConfig and select Open Table. Now edit the columns below and update them to display the new server name.

-ServerName (only edit the name before _MDS-CS_X)

I understand I need to keep the same bes server name, but can change the machine name. the current machine name is twbes i've named the new machine is srv-bes.

any help is appreciated
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I really would suggest calling RIM support on this when doing the migration since there are numerous issues that can  popup that require immediate resolution.

ANohter option is to request a temp SRP and build and test the new server first, and then try to migrate the config DB.

Both BES servers need to be at the same version and patch level preferably.

Just my $,02 from doing this a few i times..

I hope this helps !

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