Do Acrobat 9 and PageMaker 6.5 play nice together?

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I just upgraded from Adobe CS2/Acrobat 7.0 to CS4/Acrobat 9.0, Acrobat professional version in both cases.  We are working right now to get all of our PageMaker files into InDesign CS4, but still need to be able to work with the PM files until the transition is complete.  With that, we need to be able to PDF the PageMaker files.

Since the upgrade, I haven't been able to get a proper PDF produced, either by going File--Print the way we could in the past, or by right clicking on the file name and telling it to Convert to PDF.  Major sections of text are missing on each page, and numbers (in their separate text boxes but placed over gray squares) also are completely gone. Also gone are parts of text boxes, not all of the contents, in some cases.

I'm adding a screen shot of a correct PDF on the left and the missing text on the right; the best shot includes the bottom of one page and the top of the next.  

Is there a work around for this, or do I need to downgrade my Acrobat until the transition is complete?  
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The workaround is the same as it has been for years; I'd suggest you:
 Install a postscript printer to print to file, not lpt1;
From pagemaker you use the File > Print command and choose the printer on File:
You will receive a prompt to enter a filename; I usually type C:\
Start the Distiller and open the file from the C:\ drive


Thank you, Glenn, I'll try that and see if it works for our issue.  

I'm hoping, though, someone can answer the main question: have we reached the point of no return on getting Acrobat to work with PM 6.5?
Even Acrobat 6 didn't place nice with PM6.5 so I'm not sure why you think Adobe would continue to support a discontinued (read unprofitable) product.


Update: I tried to recreate the problem for our IT guy, multiple times with different files (including those that didn't work yesterday), and things are coming out ok today.  I had had a similar problem to the one I had posted about here back while running the Acrobat 9 trial, so that's why I thought it was inherent to 9, and posted here.

I tried the File--Print, as I normally do, including yesterday, choosing Adobe PDF (which creates a .ps file).  At first I was saving to the local C: drive and thought that might be the fix, but when I repeated the process and saved to the network, there still wasn't a problem.  Although this seems to not be a problem for now, I'm disconcerted because there were no updates to the computer overnight, etc.  Anyone have any ideas about why it would be ok today?

I'm not expecting Adobe would support PM, not in the least.  There was a marked difference in basic capabilities between 7.0 that we had continued to use and 9.0 at first attempts, and I just need to know if I need to go back to 7.0 until all of our files are in CS4.  
the acrobat engine is not significantly changed; the higher the acrobat version, the more support for things, like layers and transparency.

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