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So my new pet project is creating a YouTube-esqe site for my family, where all of our family videos can be shared amongst relatives, without having to deal with YouTube, or other existing video sites.

My question to the community is if anyone knows a script that satisfies these requirements more specifically (I'm a firm proponent of not re-inventing the wheel).

More specifically, all the site needs to do is the following:
1) Maintain a list or dataset of the videos, with metadata such as date, location, description, etc.
2) Display FLV files through as a low-quality version of the video (for sharing, or previewing)
3) Maybe allow for customization?  Tags, direct links to the raw video, etc., would be nice.

Encoding isn't an issue, since all of that is being done on my computer.  The original plan was to write all of this on my own (developing in PHP is what I do), but I have a gut feeling that someone, somewhere, has made something similar.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you checked out PHPmotion?


I just finished taking a look (and trying to install) PHPmotion and ClipBucket to my hosting account.

Unfortunately, both of them require mencoder, which isn't installed on my server.  That goes without saying how video encoding on a shared host is a bad, bad idea.

Since I'm doing all of the encoding locally, there has to be something out there where it simply asks for the FLV file to appear in the player.  That way no encoding takes place on the server, and everyone's happy.
Just as a reference for anyone else who is in a similar situation, there is an answer.

By utilizing photo gallery software (such as ZenGallery) you can install plug-ins that will default a "photo" page to become a "video" page.  The downside is that all of the processing has to be done locally, but at the very least you'll have a YouTube-esqe site that plays friendly with shared hosting setups.

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