If the PC does not move is there any value in Setting Outlook Anywhere so the PC uses RPC?

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I setup the laptops in my organization to use Outlook Anywhere (RPC) so they can connect without the VPN but is there any value in settings stationary desktops to use the same? They are on the same MPLS network as the Exchange server but the server is 1000 miles from these particular clients.

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Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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I guess that depends on the link between the site the computers are in and the server is in.  If you want to speed up the link by taking the traffic away from it and pushing it to the web then yes, but otherwise I can't think of a good reason why you would use HTTP over RPC on a desktop.
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There is no performance gain to be had from using Outlook Anywhere/RPC over HTTPS on a static connection - if the full ports are open (ie on a LAN or internal WAN). The only time I would use it is if there was a firewall between the client and the server, as it means only one port has to be open.


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