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If I cut the statement in half, removing the And and all after, I get the dates we need for COMP_TYPE="COM".  The problem is we have 5 COMP_TYPE conditions which we need dates from, and this works if I only do one.  Your help appreciated.
=IIf([COMP_TYPE]="COM",IIf([Date_032] Is Null,IIf([Date_031] Is Null,IIf([Date_030] Is Null,IIf([Date_029] Is Null,[Date_029],[Date_029]),[Date_030]),[Date_031]),[Date_032])) And
 IIf([COMP_TYPE]="MFD",IIf([Date_039] Is Null,IIf([Date_038] Is Null,IIf([Date_037] Is Null,IIf([Date_036] Is Null,[Date_036],[Date_036]),[Date_037]),[Date_038]),[Date_039]))

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Hi danfiggolf,

Can you try and explain exactly what you're tring to achieve, maybe with a screenshot?



Hello Jeff -
 I'm trying to retrieve the last date entered as depicted in the snapshots I sent you.  The data is inputted via our Permits application and I'm trying to grab the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or maybe the forth date entered, if it is the last one entered.  So if it is the 3rd field that was the last used, the forth would be null.  

The code in Slide3.GIF was returning no recent data, then I tried this code and it gives me the dates for COMP_TYPE=COM but if I use "And" I get nothing again.  So the question is how can I have multiple COMP_TYPE(s) using And?
 See attached snapshots.
 Thanks, Dan

Excuse me, Gary [Not Jeff]

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