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After getting a virus on a PC, the virus deleted the restore points. Is there anyway to recover a deleted restore point on win xp pro
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Hi, unless you have a backup of the system prior to the infection date then no, you cannot recover the restore points.

I know you didn't want to hear this, but I was JUST hit by that same stupid virus about a week ago.  Had to do a repair install.

To second the above once a restore point is deleted it is not recoverable unless you have a backup. There is a very good suite at the URL below that when used can get your entire OS and data files back up and in working order in about ten minutes.
Yes, but you want that Virus gone.  It is best to either do a system restore or wipe it.
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May I ask why you want to retrieve the deleted restore points?
I'd assume it's because you want to roll back to a pre-infected system state?

Since the restore points have been deleted... and if the virus is still present in the system wouldn't it be better to remove the virus and then afterwards create a new and clean restore point?


yes rpggamergirl, that is correct I want to roll back to a pre-infected system state. But I don't trust removing a virus. Once it is in your system, you can never be 100% sure it is gone. So I either use a restore point or format the system, so in this case  I will format and reinstall

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