Open a recordset in VBA using SQL with LIKE

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This may have a very simple solution.

I'm trying to open a recordset using visual basic syntax (see code below). If I run the same SQL statement as a query (SELECT [tbl Segments].* FROM [tbl Segments] WHERE [tbl Segments].sSegment LIKE 'Step[_]*';), it runs just fine and records are returned. But when I use the same SQL syntax in a statement, nothing is returned. I know it must be something with the LIKE statement because I can replace the LIKE statement with ='Step_01' and it runs fine.

Is there something about the LIKE statement when it is being used in SQL in visual basic code?


sSQL = "SELECT [tbl Segments].* " & _
         "FROM [tbl Segments] " & _
         "WHERE [tbl Segments].sSegment LIKE 'Step[_]*';"
rs.Open sSQL, CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText

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you run that via ADODB?

then, you have to use % and not * as wild card..


Thanks for quick reply! Yes that seemed to do the trick. Like I said, simple solution. :-)

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