Permanently Delete EMail on a Windows Mobile Device

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Is there a way to permanently delete an email on a windows mobile 6.1 device?  (The functional equivalent of doing a shift-delete on an email in outlook on a desktop machine).  The account in question is an active-synced Exchange account. To date the only thing I can figure is to create a separate email folder to which I move emails (on the mobile device) that I wish to permanently delete - and then when back at my desk I can purge that folder.  However, this is extremely tedious considering I often go through 200 emails in a sitting.  Having a 'delete perm.' button right off the menu would be an amazing time saver for me.

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I'll add that knowing definitively that this is not possible directly or by way of a "plug-in" would be an acceptable answer - at least I would stop wasting time trying to figure out a solution!
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Not that I am aware of.
OWA can't do it either - it sends the deleted items to the Deleted Items folder and then you have to empty it there.
The device would have to sync back the deletion, which it cannot do straight in to the dumpster.


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