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I want to use the functionality in the Windows 2008 TS Gateway that allows me to connect from home using RDP over HTTPS this allows me to connect through my firewall.  I want to allow my users to connect from their home PC to their business PC and use remote desktop.  I have been told by some that as I am not connecting to a Terminan Service session and only using one to one remote desktop that I do not need a TS CAL for this and I only need Windows 2008 CALs.  I have been told by others that as I have installed TS Gateway that regardless of the connection I need a TS CAL.
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A general rule i have found with licensing If you think you might have to pay generally you do.

Well i am unsure but if it had an issue You will find the terminal server (Unless still in the 120 day grace period) Will not allow you to do it without a license.

If you didn't use the terminal server gateway but configured your router to forward the Terminal service session from users to certain machines you might get away from paying the license. You would need static IP's from your home connections though.

Hope this helps.
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a TS licence is only required if you are using a TS session....RDP one to one connections do not require a licence no matter how you access

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