Remote Task Manager access on a server unresponsive to RDP

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I had an incident today where one of my 2008 servers become unresponsive to RDP or DRAC access. I could still ping the server and connect to the server admin shares \\server\c$

I wanted to be able to remotely connect to the taskmgr.exe on that server to check what was happening but when I ran taskmgr.exe on the remote box using the administrative share it just opened my local computers stats.

If this situation happens again, what is the best way to trouble shoot the machine?
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DRAC cards are completely segmented from your should not tie in with windows in any way....if you are having issues accessing your DRAC cards....then you need to get DELL involved...I have seen faults DRAC's before...... if windows becomes that unresponsive, you dont have much choice but to reboot it....many things have been pushed into a seperate application partition that you can seperately manage, but the underneath is still windows and we all know how it gets when its not happy......

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