Fax and time clock modem on the same phone line?

Gary Fuqua, CISSP
Gary Fuqua, CISSP used Ask the Experts™
I have a client with two locations.     The main location has a computer that is used to poll time clock punches from a time clock at the remote location.    The system works with separate phone lines and modems at both locations.    The remote location also has a separate phone line for a fax machine.      

The client's question: Is there a device/splitter that would allow both the time clock and the fax machine to share one phone line?   My initial thought was no, because both devices (fax & time clock) are essentially modems.  

Any thoughts?
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Hi there,

Unfortunately the heartbeats of both the devices would not allow that.

Example would be If a fax transmission was coming through and someone Bundied on using the remote time machine then either the fax transmission would be lost or the clock on would be lost. Depending on which system would presedence.

The safest option would be to install 2 phone lines. This being said the answer to your question is YES it can be done but NO its not recommended.


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