Excel 2007 Won't Import Access Query

Howard Bash
Howard Bash used Ask the Experts™
I have an access 2003 file with several tables and queries within.  I launch Excel 2007 browse to the database to import a resultset.  I select the mdb file and then a query and ok through the following dialog box and the sheet displays only the table column names.  I ran the query to see that it has data and it does.

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can you upload the mdb file, and the query?
I found that if the query runs a long time, Excel seems to give up and just display the column names and no data. You might want to change the query to a Make Table query and then use a query based on the table to import your data.
Senior Software Engineer
The data is financial info and I cannot upload it.  That extra step of making a table in the access db and then importing it into Excel is a real workflow breaker at best.  If this is a "timeout" of some kind, perhaps there are settings for this.

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